These pages contain various experiments in reflective and fictional writing out of real events: research material, narratives, personal experience, and diaries. It is a mixture of stories, characterisations, monologues and reflections exploring the everyday dramas of the mundane, the interweaving of the personal and political as well as some reflexive consideration of academic research and writing.

Each of the sections herein is constantly evolving, partly reflecting the fact that there is never a last word on any subject, and partly reflecting the fact that this blog tends to get squeezed in among other occupational demands. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what you read and keep coming back to see what’s been added.

There’s Truth in Lies offers a brief introduction to the use of fiction in academic research, what it aims to achieve, and some of the tensions inherent in fictionalising the real.

There’s Truth in Lies

Tales of the road draws on some of my experiences in the field to provide critical reflection on some of the unexpected or unfortunate things that can occur during social research, along with some strategies for how such challenges might be negotiated.

Betrayal in Academic Research

Opening Pandora’s Box

Whose Line is it Anyway

Deep in Digital Distraction

Doctoral nostalgia looks at some of the challenges of the post doc experience, trying to build a career in the academy, and looking back somewhat nostalgically on all the things you didn’t realise you had so good as a PhD student.

Doctoral Nostalgia

Conference Papers

Academic Stereotypes

Managing Up

Spread Thin

The Big C of Contract Research

Dude, Where’s My Pen?

Small Change/Big Change

AcWriMo Strategy

AcWriMo Update

AcWriMo Reflections

Beings and Becomings

Shooters and Cobblers

The Fall is an evolving story based around the travel journals of a couple eloping to Vegas. The travel journal is unchanged from the original, the back story and afterthoughts are compiled from our various conversations together.

The Back Story:  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

The Travel Journal:  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9

The Fall:  Part 10  Part 11

Sketches of Strain contains a series of brief characterisations, reflections and monologues. These are mostly invention, though drawing influence from people I have known personally and through my research work.

Pill Box

The Pink Shirt

Thank Fuck for the Olympics

Gazing out the Window is an account of a research journey through a set of stream-of-consciousness poems, which I wrote while on the train travelling between research sites.

Dim Lights

Whistle Stop

Dangers Mist

Standing Still in the Gathering Gloom

Returned to the Rails

Gazing out the Window

Mad Travellers

The Signalman

Too Late

Tin Train Life

Facing Forwards


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