Too Late

I had it all planned perfectly

everything arranged

the times all fitted together

I even worked in something strange

because you never really know

these days you never can be sure

the dizzying pace at which it runs has knocked me to the floor

but still I thought that I could make it

yes I had a back up plan

things could still just work out ok and I turned around and ran

and I was just so close

and I watched you pull away

and then a shard of hope came to me

and I ran the other way

and then I thought that I had made it

yes I thought I really did

it could all work out for good this way

so I settled down and hid

and for a while I was quite safe

and my confidence it grew

so I took some time at the window

and admired the rolling view

but slow it dawned upon me

as the vital hour approached

and in time I knew it was gone

gone beyond redress

I’d been lied to by those I trusted the most

I was powerless to them and all their false hope

and now I’m flying the wrong way down a blind beggars alley

and the promises I made are washed downstream down valley

with me tied to them and I can feel myself go under

when the strings they break and my body splits asunder

and the skies they will open

there’ll be lightning and thunder

and my spirit will be broken

into death I will have blundered

because it’s too late

I had it all planned perfectly

it’s too late

it’s right out of my hands

yes it’s too late

it was meant to all be perfect

but it’s gone.


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