The Fall. Part 4.

June 17th. Manchester-Dublin-Orlando

Arrived in ghost town Orlando. Strange place. We’re staying downtown but you wouldn’t know it. No pulse. I guess everyone’s at Disneyland.

Catalogue of incidents during journey. Started with me forgetting visa waiver application. Did it at the airport, lucky there were computers near the desk, and it went through quickly. Then US pre-clearance in Dublin. Computers went wrong and the whole flight was held up. We were the last people on the plane. We were those people. Walking down the aisle past row after row of indignant, frustrated faces.

Plane flying to Disneyland = lots of children = no sleep. 

Advantage of pre-clearance meant we just walked out the other end. Not even a passport check and Uncle Sam’s doors were open to us. One suitcase split. This actually happened before we even left home, and by the time we go to US there were clothes bursting out of the seams. Fortunately it has held together so far.

We’re now sitting in our first diner. Yay. Except no booths so not a real diner. We’ve seen red trucks and 7/11s and Ihop and all sorts of other screen icons. More to come I’m sure. Orlando is limbo, a waiting place, waiting to pick up the RV and get stuck into the real adventure.


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