Gazing out the Window

This seat I hold is the product, Of tenacity, privilege and some favoured luck

What rights I have I do not know, But every step is on another’s toe

And so I may return that question to you.

For, after a shaky, nervous start, I had made my way in, was gaining fast

The carriages rocking as picked up speed, Like some great captive bird set free

And the noise and the warmth and the daring led on

The ultimate prize I thought was mine.

And, perhaps, it was during this time, That I neglected the map, and lost the line

Though I don’t remember exactly the day, Easy now to see things going this way

And it seems that I have abused my breaks, Piled vulnerability up in my wake

And this was when I was only trying, To help, to work, to do the right thing.

The truth, I guess, is that no one gave, Me permission to just sit there and gaze

I wonder if I can reprieve, This abuse of trust

And then forwards again we all may thrust.

But, for now, when I turn my head, To that window once a dear old friend

I see only wreckage, hopes betrayed, And innocence staring, wide eyed, afraid.


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