Dim Lights

Dim lights scarring silhouetted walls, In a boxcar chasing the siren calls

Breathing fire into the cold night air, Like the moon starved wolf just looking for a lair.

So when am I coming into the light, So shrouded are my eyes by the cold, dark night

Trying to find my way to the sounds that call, It’s the same old game but you keep changing the rules

Reaching for the ends of your imagination, From where I know all things come are now gone

Once standing strong now limp on my chain, Won’t you let me feel sweet hope again

And at times I stop and really question this faith, When the shackles they burn and I see the grave

But then something snaps and I can breathe again, And the memory covers over the beggar’s pain

Keep pounding out that circadian rhyme, Keeps your mind off the knowledge that you’re really just blind

Constrained, enveloped and pre-defined, Nothing here bearing humans as kind

So the trees on the hillside slowly drift into black, And there seems no choice but to turn back

Behind the curtain to convince yourself, We live in a windowless world and you cannot help.

I’m powerless to these forces that history provides, All this truth has been written, my hands are tied

Shackled to the experts, who in their wisdom have lied,

To save us from the clearness of fate, that comes from looking unclouded by hate


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